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deathspraycustom can do no wrong!


deathspraycustom can do no wrong!

What do you enjoy during your spare times?”

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Mogwai Rave Tapes (New Album)

Yeayah, new Mogwai album!

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R U Still In 2 It

So long for now Streetlight!

Tomas Kalnoky & Jim Conti (If Only For Memories)

Pearl Jam - Wishlist

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Jeff Rosenstock

There are a lot of self-imposed rules that I broke during this song, basically habits that I developed during making the first three Bomb records that I had been trying not to fall into. Some are the following.

1) You don’t need to put glockenspiel in every song.
2) Every song doesn’t need to sound like it’s exploding.
3) Don’t write as many songs that sound like Dillinger Four b-sides.
4) Stay away from na-na-na-na-na’s, etc.

But whatever, glockenspiels always sound good, songs should sound like they’re exploding, Dillinger Four is awesome and it’s okay to go na-na-na-na-na at least once a month.

Jeff Rosenstock about #4 Summer Song 2013.




ERICA GOLDSON: Graduation speech

Erica Goldson must have had some serious balls to give this speech

This is beautiful.

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